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Adson Hook, 20cm, 3mm

$ 37
Among the most used instruments are the hooks and retractors, Adson hooks have an importance of their own. They serve to hold back the organs and tissues during surgery to provide the surgeon with ease of work and comfort. Adson hook is a specialized tool that neurosurgeons use to elevate or mobilize the Dura membrane.  Worry no more about the quality as all the instruments have been made with German and French stainless steel.

Anderson Bear Claw Retractors

$ 44
These are among some ideal surgery tools that surgeons use. These retractors lie in small instrument collections. The general-purpose retractor serves in facelifts and other procedures carried out in plastic surgery. It features three or five sharp prongs which highly depend on the requirement of the type of surgery. Moreover, the finger hook serves nothing else than reducing physical fatigue. It is used in plastic surgery where the feature of facial muscular anatomy is needed.

Aufricht Walter Nasal Retractor – Double Ended

$ 26
Features: Superior Surgical Graded Stainless steel Instruments Manufactured by Castleimpexx Best stability against corrosion More durable, Best Stability against corrosion, High resistance against disinfection and sterilization and Made with High Quality.

Barsky Skin Hook – 15cm

$ 38
This thin yet sharp-looking hand instrument used as a surgical tool is used in various plastic surgery procedures and serves various functions for surgeons’ comfort and ease. It is mostly preferred to be used during surgery when a part of your skin or soft tissues needs to be maneuvered, just like some procedures that constitute ophthalmology or plastic surgery. The crooked shape of its front face handle serves as a better grip for the surgeon and the backside end has a hook that contains a sharp prong which may be either single or double.