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Backhaus Towel Forceps

$ 44
Castleimpexx Is offering an Excellent Range of Artery Forceps, such as Bangolea Artery Forceps, Crile-Rankin Artery Forceps, Backhaus Towel Forceps, trauma Tissue, And Organ Holding Forceps, Collin Tissue And Organ Holding Forceps, Dandy Forceps, Gemini Dissecting, And Ligature Forceps, Gross-Maier Dressing And Cotton Swab Forceps, Halsted-Mosquito Forceps, Hartmann Artery ForcepsKelly-Rankin Forceps, Kocher Ochsner Forceps, Murphy Tubing Clamp With Safety Guard, Roeder Towel Forceps, Pean Artery Forceps and Rampley Sponge Forceps.

Joseph Masing Septum Raspatory, 22cm

$ 55
Castleimpexx is Proudly Manufacturing and Supplying an Excellent Quality Raspatories and Elevators, such as Cottle Periosteal Elevators, Goldman Septum Fracture Elevators, Freer Raspatories, Massing Elevators, Periosteal Elevators, Obwegeser Raspatory, Yankauer Septum Elevators, Williger Raspatory, Nasal Fracture Elevators, Freer Double Periosteal Elevator Sharp-Blunt, Converse Periosteal Elevator/Raspatory, Boies Nasal Fracture Elevators and Cottle Raspatory Knife.