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Adson Hook, 20cm, 3mm

$ 37
Among the most used instruments are the hooks and retractors, Adson hooks have an importance of their own. They serve to hold back the organs and tissues during surgery to provide the surgeon with ease of work and comfort. Adson hook is a specialized tool that neurosurgeons use to elevate or mobilize the Dura membrane.  Worry no more about the quality as all the instruments have been made with German and French stainless steel.

Adson Needle Holder

$ 16
Castleimpexx Offers a Full range of Needle Holders, Such as Mayo Hegar Needle Holders, Bozeman TC Needle Holders, Castroviejo Needle Holders, Adson Needle Holders, Mathieu Needle Holders, Olsen Hegar Needle Holders, Ryder-Vascular T/C Needle Holders, Webster TC Needle Holders, Potts-Smith Micro-Needle Holders, Crile-Wood Needle Holders.

Collier Needle Holder 12.5cm

$ 36
  • Superior Surgical Graded Stainless steel Instruments Manufactured by Castleimpexx
  • Best stability against corrosion
  • More durable, best stability against Corrosion, High resistance against disinfection and sterilization, Made with High-Quality Stainless Steel as per International Standards, Ultrasonic Cleaned, Gold Plated as per Products Structure!
  • All the Instruments are Re-Usable, Boil Test, Performance Test, Shape Test, and QC Passed,
  • Packing: Individually Packed

Scalpel Handle No. 3 (#3)

$ 8
Castleimpexx Offering High-quality Scalpel Handles, Such as Dissecting Knife, Scalpel Handle Angled 3L, Scalpel Handle No. 3 (#3), Scalpel Handle Standard #4, Scalpel Handle Standard Double Ended, Scalpel Handle Strait 3L, Scalpel Handle with Celebrations No. 03 and Scalpel, Round Handle, 16cm, you can See our Scalpel Handles and other products on our  Videos